As the backbone entity to organize, align, and mobilize different stakeholders and providers, we lead early childhood initiatives and K-12 initiatives. Together, we create collective impact that benefits children, families, and ultimately, entire communities.

Early Childhood Initiatives

Study after study shows that the social, emotional, and academic development of children is dramatically improved when these important topics are addressed at the earliest ages, including infancy. In fact, in many ways proper development begins with proper prenatal care.

To achieve our goal of 100% of children in Franklin County demonstrating kindergarten readiness, we at Future Ready Columbus have established a 7-part strategy to serves as the backbone entity to organize, align, and mobilize stakeholders to create collective impact.

  1. Develop an equitable early childhood system to align services and goals, address gaps, and reduce duplicated efforts, all to maximize potential so that…

    …all children have access to high quality, aligned, services that prepare them for kindergarten.

    …parents are supported as their child’s first and most important teacher.

  2. Develop a data platform and a collection, analysis, and dissemination process for Franklin County to track progress.

  3. Launch an Annual Future Ready Summit.

  4. Create and launch a communications plan that will drive parents and the community members to demand access and quality for each child.

  5. Prepare financial leaders to make funding decisions.

  6. Develop a Franklin County Early Childhood Compact.

  7. Develop relationships with K-12 schools and wrap-around programs to facilitate transitions from early childhood into K-12 education and services.


K-12 Initiatives 

Increasing positive youth outcomes requires strategic partnerships between educators and both in-school and out-of-school youth service providers. Social, emotional, and academic gains are interconnected and built on strong relationships.

We bring together educators and other community stakeholders with a focus on equity, continuous improvement, and collective impact.

  • Social Emotional Learning Collaborative: A community of practice using social emotional learning and early warning indicator student-level data to inform programming in out-of-school-time settings across Franklin County.

  • Windsor Youth Collaborative: A collective impact project centered at Windsor STEM Academy convening six youth service providers alongside school-based educators and community partners.

  • Professional Learning: A forum for shared learning and capacity building around equity, social emotional development, coaching, facilitation, and strengthening strategic partnerships.

Our long-term goal is increased socio-economic equity as achieved through improved educational outcome by meeting these 2023 goals:

  1. Expand the number of youth service providers participating in our community of practice and continue to strengthen relationships and increase collaboration between partner agencies.

  2. Expand the number of collective impact initiatives partnering youth service providers and schools.

  3. Continue to positively impact partner engagement with, knowledge about, and skills related to equity, continuous improvement, social emotional development, and early warning indicators.

  4. Positively impact partner organizations’ decision-making, programming, and management practices through coaching and group facilitation.

  5. Increase the number of youth service providers who use a continuous improvement process to inform programming.

  6. Increase providers use of shared measurement systems.

  7. Increase positive impacts on youth as evidenced by improved youth outcomes.