Jane D. Leach,
Executive Director

Jane D. Leach is Executive Director of FutureReady Columbus, a public-private partnership dedicated to making certain each child in Franklin County enters school ready for success. With a focus on children aged birth to five and standing on well-established research that validates the impacts that result from school readiness, FutureReady Columbus seeks to positively change the trajectory of young lives and our community. Jane brings leadership to this focus, daily asking “What do the youngest residents of Franklin County need for school readiness, and how can we collaborate with community partners to ensure our children have access to those essential resources?”

The relationships and experiences Jane has gathered as a former teacher, elementary school administrator, founder of a 5-Star Step up to Quality rated urban preschool, and a life-long central Ohio resident have helped her more fully understand the incredible importance of, and power in, school readiness, while also recognizing the keen challenges of preparing youngsters for their transition into kindergarten. Jane is deeply committed to helping the community come together to invest in young lives.

Jane, who has undergraduate and graduate degrees from The Ohio State University, has received numerous awards for her dedication to the education profession and for her leadership in the community.